Information about full length CEM exam, its pattern and format

About CEM Exam

The CEM paper is written by the University of Durham and the tests are designed for independent schools and selective state schools. The exam aims to prevent certain students from having an advantage over each other and they claim that the test is resistant to teaching.

The test was created as some corners felt that the GL was too predictable in nature and too easy to 'teach to the test'.

Key subjects assessed

The CEM Exam includes up to five subjects at 11 Plus level. These subjects are the following:

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning (Reading Comprehension included)
  • Non-verbal Reasoning

Normally exam consists of two separate papers each with time constraints (usually 45 minutes for each paper)

The 'verbal reasoning' side requires many of the skills needed to be successful in the GL English examination. Additionally, numerical reasoning tests maths skills and ability.

The CEM largely follows a lot of similar concepts to the Key Stage 2 curriculum. However, different schools and regions may differ and can decide what subjects they want to test in their 11+ exam.

Exam format

CEM doesn't follow a set format and can change every year. Your child's school may release information around the structure of the test, so it's worth reaching out and finding out in advance.

One of the major differences between the CEM and GL is that exams are combined.

  • Maths and non-verbal reasoning
  • English and verbal reasoning

Multiple choice, standard format or a mix of the two may be used depending on how the school operates.

CEM exams are usually split into different sections. For example, a maths section, some puzzles and a problem-solving activity. Children are timed for each section so need to ensure that they spend adequate time on each part of the test.

What we offer

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Each test is designed similar to the real exam and updated with every years feedback on the questions, their format and difficulty level.

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