Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few common questions and their answers. 11 Plus exam Papers is happy to answer any further questions if you have.

Do you have Mobile App and can a student use it?

Yes. We have our own Mobile Application for students and is available on Apple store as well as Google play store. Once you are registered on the system you can download and install the app on your smart phone and start using it with your logins received in an email of registration confirmation. You can buy and use the tests from more than 1000 practice tests available on the website by using this app. Please use following links to download and install the app.

For iPhone users
Apple Store:

For Android Phone users
Play Store:

Why do I have to create an account to try the product?

This is a very extensive site with thousands of questions. Creating an account protects our content and prevents "spammers" from entering our site. Once registered you will have access to the FREE material and be able to purchase access to the full site content.

How do I buy the test or other content?

It is simple. Just select the test package you wish to buy, add to cart and check out. While chek out, you need to register. Once the successful registration is done and payment is made, you will receive the logins and password. These will help you to log in to your account to access the test or content you purchased.

How long will my tests be on the system?

When you purchase the test, it will show the availability information of the test.

Can I cancel my purchase and get a refund?

The fees for the services are non refundable.

Do I need a separate account for each child?

No. You can add second child as sibling from the first account. But you need to buy separate test packages ad content for him/her if you wish.

I/We are a school or tutoring company. Can we use one subscription with all my/our children?

No. The product is designed to be used by one child only at one time as the results are only relevant to that child. Results from other children would be meaningless. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss purchasing class or centre login details.

Do I have to install any software to make the product work?

No. This online product works through your internet browser.

Is the product suitable for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test or the 12+ exam?

Yes on both counts. The Northern Ireland Transfer Test is based on English and maths questions and those two sections of the site provide perfect practice. In most LEAs (Local Education Authorities) 12plus (12+) exams tend to be very similar to the 11plus (11+) exams. However you need to confirm this with the appropriate LEA or school.

What is the advantage of online practice over normal practice papers?

You do not have to mark the practice papers since the software automatically marks the attempt and stores the previous attempts. The child can do multiple attempts of any question type provided. The online environment can be more motivating for children as they can monitor their own progress. All practice is beneficial and the online environment offers practice in a different medium giving instant feedback and child friendly hints and advice. With many top secondary schools now using computer based pre-tests for selection prior to the actual 11+ exam this site will valuable online experience in preparation for this initial exam.

How many questions are there in each practice test?

There are hundreds of unique practice questions in each question type. Each test has different number of questions depending on the type of the test and pattern of the test.

What subject areas are covered by this product?

There are four courses available in 11-plus Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus English and 11-plus Maths. All four courses are contained in the Complete 11-plus exam course. In English we also offer Online Vocabulary.

Are these tests multiple choice tests?


How long does it take to score the test?

When the test is finished it will be scored immediately by following the "on screen instructions."

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, of course. We offer free tests for you to try and see the results.

Do you have any other physical content available?

Yes. Apart from this online content we have partnered with few companies who also publish books (see our online book shop) and e-Papers (pay and download practice material).

What is vocabulary module?

Our vocabulary product is an award-winning module to learn vocabulary. The visual association with application in various ways is the key to learn vocabulary. This module also help you not to carry any books but learn anytime anywhere concept.

Who prepared the questions and exam?

Our team is group of educationist who has rich experience in 11 Plus and Key stage education. they specialise in publishing high quality practice material for 11-plus Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus Non-Verbal Reasoning, 11-plus Maths and 11-plus English.