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Reading a passage or information and answering questions based on it seems to be a simple activity but doing it in limited amount of time on an unknown subject or difficult subject is the skill. This skill is nothing but Reading Comprehension Skill. Comprehension skills are tested in 11+ grammar school exams and also form part of the Key Stage 2 English Test as the Reading Test – it is the skill of reading with understanding that is being tested. Reading and comprehension skills are essential to every subject that is taught in school.

11 Plus Exam Papers have created and compiled many comprehensions with variety of subjects. To comprehend in limited time, a student needs to practice a lot. A student might have to use all the strategies those are taught to him/her.

Key subjects/Questions assessed

11 Plus Exam Papers covers variety of subjects with their Reading Comprehensions tests. These subjects ranges from politics, social, economics, science, literature and many more.

There are basically four types of questions that are used in comprehension exercises:

Selecting information/closed questions – where the exact answer may be found in the passage.

Analytical questions – which require an explanation e.g. how, why, where, what etc. These are based on the information in the passage and the questions may require you to scan-read the passage quickly and use your annotations to quickly find the answer.

Word or phrase questions – which ask you to explain the meaning of a word or phrase in the context of the passage. Often there is a line number or paragraph number given for these questions – use this information to look up the word/phrase and read around a little to aid understanding of the meanings.

Inferential/reasoning questions – which ask you to explain what you understand from what is suggested/implied in the text and not what is actually written. You may have to scan-read quickly a part of the passage to form your opinion.

Exam format

The exam format for 11 Plus Exam Papers – Reading Comprehension Tests is multiple Choice question. This format will show the passage and presents questions based on it with multiple answer options. A student has to mark a correct option from it.

Once the test is submitted the result is generated with detailed analysis.

What we offer

11 Plus exam papers presents more than 100 comprehension Tests for practice. Each exam offers you detailed feedback with each questions and explanatory answers and percentage of student solved the question correctly.

If you are aiming for good practice for your 11 plus preparation, then you must buy these exams!