Independent School Exam

About Independent School Exam

Independent schools are schools which charge fees instead of being funded by the state. They are usually governed by an elected board of Governors and although they must be registered with the government, they do not necessarily have to follow the National Curriculum. There are around 2000 Independent Schools in the UK currently catering for around 8% of the pupils in the UK.

Key subjects/Questions assessed

The 11 Plus Exam for Independent School entry, like that for Grammar School entry, usually consists of Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. However Independent Schools generally write and mark their own exams. Common Entrance at 11 Plus consists of English, Maths and Science taken over two days. They are set at a high Key Stage 2 SATs level, with extension questions for the more able.

Many schools’ 11 Plus Maths exams tend to focus even more on problem solving. This often involves working through multiple-steps to arrive at the answer, and require the student to be analytical and systematic, so that they can identify the key pieces of information to help them solve the question. Practice books need to reflect this approach and help students acquire these skills - ideally presenting a series of problems, each with a clear, step-by-step solution so that your child can see exactly how it is broken down and addressed. This can then be followed by a series of practice questions for children to try on their own.

The comprehension section of the 11Plus exams often includes a piece of poetry that children may be required to analyse. Many children find poems difficult to engage with and a specific book that helps build confidence in this area is an invaluable aid. Done well, it provides the child with the framework and tools to analyse poems in an insightful and effective manner, with the emphasis on giving children the confidence to interpret poems for themselves, so they are able to provide a personal and unique response to an unseen text when required.

Exam format

Exam format is step wise answering format. Most of the schools follow the same. A student has to explain the method of working and derive the answer. For English comprehension also, a student has write an answer in descriptive manner.

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