Detailed information on topic tests formats, subjects and topics covered

About Topic Test

Each exam whether it is GL or CEM pattern assesses a student on specific subjects and on chosen topics. Over the years these topics have been consistent with little variation recently. 11 Plus exam papers analysed the exam structure and created a list of 26 topics across Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning and English.

When a student narrows down his preparation, It should be understands about his strong areas and the areas to work upon. The topic tests provides an excellent practice platform on particular topic, a student is looking for.

Key topics assessed

The topic tests present questions on following subjects :

  • English :
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Grammar (including vocabulary)
  • Maths:
    • Number Properties
    • Divisibility
    • Ratio & Fraction
    • Percentage
    • Measurement
    • Visual Interpretation
    • Geometry
    • Advanced Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning:
    • Letter and Number series
    • Letter and Number Connection
    • Word Formation
    • Making one word from another
    • Coding of words
    • Word Association
    • Numerical
    • Reading information
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning:
    • Coding of Shapes
    • Similar Shapes
    • Rotation
    • Odd one out
    • Analogy
    • Series
    • Pattern completion
    • Cube and Cube Nets

Exam Format

Each topic test follows multiple choice question format. Each question has 4 or 5 answers from which a student has to choose a correct answer.

Each topic test consists of 15 or more questions to be solved in a particular time limit.

Once the exam is submitted, a result is generated, and analysis is presented to a student.

Each topic test has only one attempt.

What we offer

In total, 11 Plus exam papers offers more than 400 topic tests. This set of topic tests comprises all the topics from GL type of paper and CEM type of paper.

One can choose a complete package of all the tests or an individual test also.

Each test comprises of all type of topic based question with varied difficulty level. 11 Plus exam paper incorporates the feedback from all the student every year on the pattern change, question format and difficulty level.

If you are aiming for good practice for your 11 plus preparation, then you must buy these exams!